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When landscaping your home or business establishments in Hobart, many great decking options are available. A well-made deck can add a timeless look and feel to any property, providing valuable outdoor living space that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Whether you’re looking for something stylish and contemporary or classic and traditional, this blog post will provide an array of ideas on the different types of decks you can use to spruce up your Hobart properties. With insights from experienced local contractors and experts in the industry, they will guide you every step of the way as they uncover various materials and design approaches suitable for Australian climates. So if you’re ready to start renovating with a one-of-a-kind style, join them as you dive deep into all, there is about modern deck designs in Hobart!

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Consider the Size of Your Decking Area – determine how much area you want to cover with your deck and plan accordingly.

The size of your decking area will determine the type of materials you use and the design approach taken. Smaller spaces may require a more minimalist design, while larger decks can be crafted with intricate details. For instance, consider how many built-in features you’d like to add, such as seating areas or planters. It might also be worth considering whether you prefer to build up (tiered decks) or out (extended decking area).

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Choose the Right Material – a range of available materials, but research the best one for your needs.

Two popular decking materials can be used in Hobart – timber and composite decking. Timber decks are a great cost-effective option that can be painted or stained to suit your desired aesthetic. However, as they’re susceptible to rot and weather damage, treating them with preservative oil every year or two is essential. Composite decking is another popular choice due to its low maintenance requirements and long-lasting durability, but it can be more expensive.

Take Advantage of Existing Trees or Shrubs-Use existing trees or shrubs as part of your design to create natural shade and privacy.

The trees and shrubs around your Hobart property can be excellent design elements to create natural shade and privacy. If you have some trees or shrubs in your outdoor space, consider how you can use them as part of the decking designs. This could involve incorporating them into a tiered deck or simply creating a shaded area directly beneath them for added comfort.

Utilise Different Levels – having different levels in your deck can create attractive visual appearances and distinct areas. 

Levels are an excellent way of expanding your decking area while creating interesting visual effects. For instance, a tiered deck can create several distinct areas – such as a separate dining space or lounge area. These levels can also be used to maximise the use of existing structures and trees and provide user-friendly access from one area to another.

When designing the different levels, consider factors such as the height of any railings and the number of steps needed to access each area safely.

Add Lighting – lighting can provide both aesthetic appeal and security at nighttime.

Lighting is a great way to make your decking area more visually appealing and safe at night. Several types of lighting can be used, such as solar-powered or electric lights. When choosing a type of lighting, consider the size of the area you’ll be illuminating and whether it will require hardwired installation or not. Furthermore, look into how much energy they use and the cost of running them.

Create Privacy Screens – using plants, screens, or lattices will add to the overall look and feel while providing a private space for entertaining friends or family.

A privacy screen is a great way to create a private area for entertaining friends or family without compromising style. Plants are an excellent choice if you’re looking for something natural and low-maintenance. Lattices or screens can provide an attractive and versatile option with aesthetic appeal and privacy.

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Designing a deck for your outdoor space can be enjoyable and fulfilling, but it is also essential to keep safety in mind. While many people attempt their DIY projects, consulting a professional can help ensure that your deck follows all building regulations and will provide you with peace of mind. Decking Hobart Specialists are experienced experts who have helped countless individuals realise their dream spaces. Their knowledge and professionalism make them the ideal company to trust with your deck installation project. When it comes to installing a new deck or rejuvenating an old one, nobody compares to Deck Hobart Specialists

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